Parent Advisory Committee


It goes without saying that parents are integral to a child’s success. Parents can get involved with their child’s education in a variety of ways.

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is one method to liaise between the school, staff, and school board. A strong PAC promotes effective and meaningful communication between the school and parents.

All parents of the school belong to the PAC. The PAC executive is elected on an annual basis. It meets monthly to ensure parents concerns are presented and dealt with by the school administration in a manner which is both respectful and meaningful to all parties involved. The PAC fund raises and organizes events, on order to offer the students extra curricular activities and to enhance the school community. It is important that all parents feel welcome so come out and support the PAC and the school.

Parent Volunteers

As parents we can volunteer at the school in a variety of ways. Directly in the classroom, at special events or by participating in the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). Volunteering is encouraged at our school. If you have any suggestions how to improve parent participation please leave a message for the PAC Chair with the school secretary.

PAC Communication:

This year we are planning to set-up a list-server for all parents to use. This will enable working parents who can not attend the PAC meetings to have input on issues concerning them.

Monthly PAC meetings are held the second Monday of the Month at 7pm. All PAC business is dealt with at that time.

The PAC Chair has regular meetings with the Principal to address issues which arise throughout the year.