Bus Students


Students riding on either of the two school buses that serve the school are to line up after school in the Kindergarten Courtyard in their grade level. Bus Buddies in upper grades are available to help Kindergarten and Grade 1 students  All students who take the bus must have registered with the school district Transportation Department. Bus registration forms are available from the school Office. Students who are accompanying a friend home and who do not regularly ride the bus must also be registered as a bus student or they cannot ride the bus.

Pick Up and Drop off of Students

Parents dropping off or picking up students must use the student drop off lane adjacent to the Bus Zone at the east side of the school or park on Donnay Drive. Parking is not allowed in the drop-off lane and pick-up, drop-off or parking is not permitted in the Staff parking lot with the exception of use of the handicapped parking.

For further information and registration for Busing in School District 79, please follow this link: Transportation